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Multivitamin Gummies: Crunch Your Way To Good Health

Our bodies need extra nutrition that we may not always be able to provide. Building good health begins from childhood.  Unless children get proper nutrition, they may develop osteoporosis, nutritional deficiency diseases and many health hazards triggered by weak immunity. 

So what can you do? Well, there is a simple and delicious method to give your kid the right dose of vitamins and minerals. Try Multivitamin Gummies

What are Gummy Vitamins?

They are chewable vitamins that have got a texture and taste just like gummy candies. They are available in many flavors, colors, and shapes.

Here is what Multivitamin Gummies can do for your kids-

  • Vitamin A for healthy growth

This vitamin boosts faster growth in kids. It also keeps their eyes healthy and prevents acne break out.

  • Vitamin B12 for healthy blood count

This vitamin is vital for maintaining the apt composition of blood. It boosts RBC formation and keeps nerve cells functioning appropriately.

  • Vitamin B5 for more energy

Vitamin B5 helps to convert fats, carbohydrates, and proteins into forms that can be utilized by their body. This renders the body with the strength and energy it requires and even repairs any damaged cells, tissues or muscles. 

  • Vitamins C and E for immunity

Both these vitamins are some of nature’s strongest antioxidants. When kids often catch a common cold, develop allergies, you must know that their immunity is weak. These vitamins can help boost their immune response.

  • Vitamin D for strong bones

Vitamin D helps your kid’s body absorb calcium and phosphorus. Therefore, it plays a vital role in strengthening bones and teeth. 

  • Folate for brain development

Growing children require ample Folate for healthy brain growth. Without enough folic acid, there would be undersized or weak spinal development.

  • Sodium for electrolyte balance

This mineral maintains electrolyte levels in balance and boosts overall good health. It can block bacterial formation in pores and acne breakout. 

  • Zinc for improved thyroid functioning

Zinc keeps the thyroid gland healthy and helps it to generate the apt amount of thyroxine. Zinc is also necessary in the functioning of the stomach and intestine. It aids to stop indigestion and constipation.

  • Magnesium for complete proper health

Magnesium is crucial for heart health. Prolonged deficiency can result in high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis. Kids require Magnesium for healthy teeth and bones too.

  • Iodine for preventing thyroid problems

Thyroid disorders may result in memory loss and heart issues. Iodine is vital for the health of a kid’s growing thyroid gland.

The Bottom Line

If your kid does not consume an adequate diet, or have difficulty in swallowing pills, then you can give Multivitamin Gummies. However, keep a check that they do not take it frequently. Overconsumption can cause vitamin or mineral toxicities and harm the body.

Now if you are looking for an all-purpose ‘Pharmacy near me’ in Anaheim, CA, then call us at New Vista Pharmacy. We also invite your kids to join our Vitamin Club. We also offer free local delivery to our clients. So hurry up and grab your medicines now.

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