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Corona Virus Vaccine

Understanding How Covid 19 Vaccine Works

The COVID-19 pandemic took the entire world like a storm. Fortunately, we could come up with the COVID-19 vaccine that is turning out to be of great help. But, most people might not be aware of how the vaccine works. Do you fall in this group? Well, if you do then going through the sections below can turn out to be of great help. Here at New Vista Pharmacy, we offer a top-quality Covid vaccination service. Our team also believes that lack of knowledge can be the reason for confusion and inhibitions. As a result, we decided to come up with a blog on this topic.

But before talking about how the vaccine works, you need to be aware of how the immune system of a human body works. When a germ such as the COVID-19 virus enters your body they tend to both attack and multiply. The invasion of the germ can be termed as infection. This can be the reason for the illness. Now, the human immune system consists of several tools to fight against infection-causing germs. The various types of white blood cells of the blood are solely responsible for preventing the illness caused by the bacteria. They do it:

  • Macrophages – This type of white blood cells swallow and digest germs and dying cells. Macrophages leave behind parts of invading germs which are known to be antigens. Your body is smart enough to recognize the antigens and consider them dangerous. This is why the immune system attacks the antigens and tries to destroy them.
  • T-lymphocytes – This is another kind of white blood cell whose primary function is to attack the already infected cells in your body.
  • B-lymphocytes – B-lymphocytes are also defensive white blood cells that produce antibodies attacking the pieces of virus left behind by the macrophages. 

The human body takes a considerable amount of time to figure out the germ invasion and use the germ-fighting tools to fix the issue. This might take a few days. You need to know that once a person has been infected, the immune system remembers how to deal with the particular infection-causing germ in the future years.

How does COVID-19 Vaccine work?

It is essential for you to know that different types of vaccines work in various ways. Just one thing is common in all types of vaccines – the cells remember how to fight the virus. The body needs a week or so to produce T-lymphocytes and B-lymphocytes that fight against germs. Therefore can get infected by the COVID-19 virus just before or after the vaccination. Certain symptoms such as fever and weakness are pretty common after getting the vaccine. Some of the vaccines that can be helpful in fighting against the virus causing COVID-19 are:

  • mRNA vaccines
  • Vector vaccines
  • Protein subunit vaccines

COVID -19 vaccines might require more than one shot

You might be surprised to learn that you might need two shots to get fully vaccinated. We have provided detailed information in the pointers below. 

  • One-shot – There are a few COVID-19 vaccines that require just one shot. If you this vaccine, you will be considered to be fully vaccinated after a span of two weeks.
  • Two-shots – If you choose to go for this vaccine, you will be considered fully vaccinated after a span of two weeks of getting your second shot.

We hope that you have now gained a clear understanding of the COVID-19 vaccination. Contact New Vista Pharmacy if you are looking to get the COVID-19 vaccine in St, Anaheim, CA. You can now book your appointment early. Take care of yourself and get vaccinated as the COVID virus can be the reason for your nightmare. 


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